With 16 regular season games and 53 men on an NFL roster, it’s a pretty big honor to have your picture grace one of the team’s game tickets. Roy Helu got that honor this year — sort of.

Reader Jeffrey Carroll tweeted a pic of his friend’s season tickets, with Helu featured for Game 5 and identified as “Robert Helu Jr.”

His ticket appears next to correctly identified Robert Griffin III.

“It was a mistake and we’re sorry it happened,” Tony Wyllie responded when asked by Dan about the error.

Perhaps we might all be a little too pre-occupied with RGIII.

Unfortunately, the tickets have already been mailed and cannot be corrected. Unless, of course, Helu is willing to go by Robert. I’ll ask him.

Update: Another season ticket holder tweeted a pic of London Fletcher's ticket, identifying his number as 58 and not his actual number, 59.