I mean, surely not, right? The Redskins Store was selling Donovan McNabb jerseys on mega super sale for $9.95, and yet the concession stands wanted $6 for some soda pop in a McNabb commemorative soda pop holder?

Truth be told, I had some inkling these might be around, after I got an e-mail from Reader Joe following the Steelers game.

“I bought three souvenir sodas for my two sons and my friend’s son that I took to the game for $6.00 each,” he wrote me. “Only after I walked away did I notice that we had three Donovan McNabb souvenir cups. Mr. Snyder, I want my money back!”

Well, I also paid $6 for the souvenir cup on Thursday night, but I don’t need my money back. The soda pop was delicious, and the cup is now quite the souvenir.