(John McDonnell - TWP.)

Redskins teammates did, too, at least on the defensive end. Just a quick trip through Twitter over the weekend revealed messages of support from Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Wilson, Reed Doughty and Adam Carriker, which is a pretty substantial percentage of the team’s returning defensive contributors.

Not every player receives a response quite like this after he gets paid. Relevant tweets are below.

@LFletcher59 heart and soul of the team. Glad to have you back

— Reed Doughty (@doughty37) April 13, 2012

@LFletcher59 Fletch just saw ur tweet congrats bro! The Defense is officially complete now! HTTR

— Brian Orakpo (@rak98) April 13, 2012

“@LFletcher59: Redskins fans your captain is back! #HTTR #Resign59” welcome back!

— Ryan Kerrigan (@RyanKerrigan91) April 13, 2012


— Adam Carriker (@BigPoppaPump94) April 14, 2012

HTTR me and the captain makin it happen @LFletcher59

— Josh Wilson (@TheJoshWilson) April 14, 2012