You know what happens when football teams win? Fun stuff happens. Fun stuff happens, guys. Running backs wear costumes and coaches shout Hip Hip Hooray and maybe, if you’re lucky, the tight ends will decide en masse that Wednesdays shall henceforth become “Tight End Tights Wednesdays,” and will come out to practice wearing tights, which might not be as noteworthy as the Chris Cooley short shorts but which will still get the fashion police talking, and the t-shirt makers t-shirt making, and the bloggers blogging.

Because winning football teams also foster in the media corps a spirit of cooperation and unity and love, Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson rounded the tighted trio after practice, and Rick Maese provided a few highlights.

“The intent is really to spread among the whole offense,” Cooley noted. “But we’re working, you know? A lot of guys were attracted to the look we had today. A lot of guys thought we looked sleek, faster.”

 “I feel very comfortable myself,” Fred Davis noted. 

“I’m comfortable and I’m confident,” said Logan Paulsen, whose hair in these photos screams comfortable confidence. “I think we all are just that much more confident.”

 “So real men wear tights?” Johnson asked.

“Absolutely,” Cooley said.

“Peter Pan wore tights,” Davis noted, which is probably the definition of a real man.

Anyhow, as the kids say, the look is pretty tight.

(First photo by Sky Kerstein; next two by Rick Maese. And as you can see below, today was apparently also yet another Media Member Khaki Wednesday.)