The Redskins will play their 2011 home finale on Christmas Eve. They will be playing for exactly nothing. Their opponents, the 2-12 Minnesota Vikings, will be playing for even less. Thousands and thousands of Redskins fans will have left town for the holidays, and the Vikings aren’t one of the visiting fan bases known for sparking an invasion.

So there are rational explanations galore that this might not be the hottest ticket in town. Still, it seems worth pointing out that this game figures to be one of the softest ticket markets for a Redskins game in recent memory.

Early Monday morning, for example, StubHub was offering more than 8,000 tickets to the game, including 736 priced at $25 or less.

Lower end zone, lower sideline and lower corner seats were all starting in the $30s, and even the dream seats were in the reasonable low-three-figure range.

The story was the same on Craigslist.

“3 tickets to Redskins Vikings,” one seller wrote. “So cheap the parking pass is actually double the cost of the ticket. $20 each for the tickets =60. Parking pass is $40.”

“2 Great Seats for Skins - Vikings,” someone else wrote. “Face value is $79 a ticket. I’m looking for $25 per ticket. I also have a parking pass I’ll throw in for $10. The seats are great - low-upper deck on the visitor’s 20 yard-line.”

“I have 2 tickets for this weeks game, i’ll be out of town and can’t use them,” a third seller wrote. “$20 bucks each, Face Value is $100.”

“Received these as a gift but I have family obligations on Christmas Eve,” a fourth wrote. “I just need to get rid of these tix. Asking $15 for both.”

So if ever you wanted to go to an NFL game for cheap, this might be a nice opportunity.