The female Washington Redskins fans I know like the Washington Redskins because they like football. They like to see the Redskins win. They still watch when the Redskins lose. They like to read about Redskins strategy and draft picks and injuries and personalties.

They’re pretty much just like the male Washington Redskins fans I know, except that they’re female.

One thing they don’t strike me as particularly interested in are swimsuit pics of Redskins cheerleaders. Maybe I’ve been hanging out with an atypical selection of female Redskins fans, but that’s my impression.

Anyhow, last season, the Redskins started Women of Washington Redskins, the team’s official women’s club. The official team blog said the club “caters specifically to the female members of Redskins Nation,” offering “behind the scenes Redskins content, year-round events, special retail offers and more.”

“I am so proud of WOW and the overall initiative to connect with our female fans,” Tanya Snyder said at the time. “It provides female fans a space to connect with the team, each other and, essentially, their own Redskins community.”

And now here comes WOW, co-sponsoring a special late-July Redskins event. A cheerleader swimsuit calendar release party.

I don’t have access to demographic surveys or fan feedback questionnaires or any of that, but I don’t get it.

Calendars will be on sale at the event. Twenty bucks. Cash only.