That led to the months of on-again off-again party deck reportage; earlier this month, Mike Jones reported that the Redskins were removing 4,000 more seats, and that “the Redskins party decks are to feature tables for fans to sit or stand around while watching the game.”

And the team’s Web site reported earlier this month that “the Redskins plan to complete the project that was started last year by installing standing decks on the upper level of the stadium and a video wall on lower level concourse in the west end zone.”

Anyhow, the blog Son of Washington posted a bunch of photos this week that shows seat removal has already begun. Quoting the site:

The removal of...seats has already taken place (in fact just about all of my section is gone). There is a crane currently sitting in the West Endzone doing work, while it appears workers are prepping the East Endzone (if you remember, last season the West Endzone was completed first and the East followed).

I’ll be at FedEx Field for Thursday’s draft night party, so I suppose there will be many more pictures to come. For now, see Son of Washington for more.

Note: The original headline of this item said the team is working on party decks; I suppose I don’t know that for sure, so I changed it.