(via @doughty37 )

“Mr. Potato-head dad. Kids loved this. Love hearing my kids laugh”

It turns out that the Redskins safety’s 5 year-old son is the one who started it all.

“One day my son Micah was sticking all of the Mr. Potato Head parts into the weird spots. The ear where the hat goes, and the eyes where the ears go and being really silly,” Doughty explained to me. “And then he put on the Mr. Potato Head hat and glasses and was walking around in them and they all thought it was pretty funny. So I put in the tongue and the eyeballs and now they think it’s absolutely hilarious.”

Kids are wonderfully easy to amuse.

I, for one, love that Doughty shared this pic. Good dads and athletes who don’t take themselves too seriously always have a place on the Bog.