Doughty tweeted this pic of a card he tells us is his 2008 Panini America card, the only card that exists of him other than his rookie card. As you can see, the pic is not of Doughty.

It’s likely a pic of Shaun Alexander, who played with the Redskins in 2008 and borrowed the number 37 from Doughty while he was here. Thanks to that number switch, we have this Shaun Alexander-Reed Doughty hybrid. (Hogs Haven has a list of some other Redskins card fails, including a lot of name misspellings and a couple of incorrect logos.)

I think Panini America owes Doughty an updated card, don’t you?

At least one of Doughty’s teammates got a kick out of the mistake:

@doughty37 hahahahah!!!! You look so...whats the word...tan. lol

— Graham Gano (@GrahamGano) June 18, 2012