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 Doughty recently competed in the Bassmaster Southern Open in Charlotte, N.C. While he didn’t come back with a prize, he did come back with some fish stories.

“That was a cool experience,” he told me. “This is my first real hardcore bass fishing experience. I’m from Colorado, so I fly fish usually.”

 The tournament was held April 5-7 and Doughty entered himself as a Co-Angler, which is the equivalent of amateur status.

 There were official practices in the three days prior to the start that allowed Doughty to see what works and what doesn’t as far as lures and location. Once the tournament started, he had a limit of three fish that had to be at least 14 inches to qualify.

 “We were on the wire by 7 a.m. and off by 5 p.m. just about every day,” he explained. “Every day you come in and you weigh in your fish on the stage and they had it televised for Bassmaster.”

 He finished the tournament at 91 out of 179 Co-Anglers.  It was still a decent showing for Doughty, who plans on taking his son fishing for the first time this summer.

 “I did ok; I was kind of middle of the pack,” Doughty said. “I caught my limit the first day, second day. I had a big one on and I lost it. Everybody’s got that story. I wouldn’t have won, but I would have been in the money. I would have at least gotten my entry fee back.”