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But it would appear that he’s learning of these things second-hand, because he doesn’t pay attention to the sports media complex. No, he just watches Entourage.

From NFL.com:

“He really has no clue when it comes to anything being said about him,” Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Sunday night. “He doesn’t watch SportsCenter, and he doesn't know what ProFootballTalk.com is. He watches HBO sitcoms. He distances himself from all of it, and I think that's deliberate.”

Just because Grossman has managed to ignore those old and ongoing perceptions, it doesn't mean he'd always disagree with them. In fact, particularly as it pertains to his reputation as a gunslinger, Rex 2.0 says he has focused on making smarter decisions.

I asked Grossman if he's ever seen the popular (albeit crude) blog post on KissingSuzyKolber.com known as “Unleash the Dragon.” It's a satirical essay that's composed as if Grossman wrote it.

Since he hadn’t seen it (proving Shanahan's theory), I read him this excerpt: “What's that? I should throw a quick slant? (Forget) that. This is football....Sexy Rexy’s got the arm. The dragon. You gotta unleash the dragon”

Grossman laughed — and then elaborated.

“Making a bunch of big throws in college made me addicted to that kind of stuff,” Grossman said. “So I think I had the same mindset in Chicago. And you know what? I did make a bunch of big plays. But I also made a bunch of plays I shouldn’t have.”

If you haven’t read the aforementioned KSK post, “crude” doesn’t really do it justice, but you can find it here. It’s sort of the idea of Grossman having consumed several dozen gallons of Four Loko and a few bottles of chocolate syrup, and then taking up pen and pad to describe his quarterbacking philosophy.

The real Grossman, though, described his real philosophy to NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington, like so:

“I feel like I'm in an offense now that allows me to make the big plays without forcing it,” Grossman said. “I now realize we’re going to call some deep plays, some fun pass plays. I don’t need to create them on my own.”


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