Early in the second quarter, Rex Grossman found Anthony Armstrong for an 18-yard diving catch on the edge of the goalline. It looked like it might be a touchdown, but the officials ruled Armstrong down at the 1.

Still, for a moment there, the crowd celebrated, and Rex Grossman celebrated too, sprinting toward the end zone and leaping over Armstrong’s head. This was a legitimate leapfrog, filled with the sort of vertical explosion that separates NFL quarterbacks from people who can’t jump over Anthony Armstrong’s head.

Anyhow, I’m basically just wasting words here, so I can make you scroll below and see how brilliantly The Post’s Jonathan Newton captured this sequence. Rex Grossman, friends, can jump.

(Also, he played great quarterback, and I apologize for not mentioning this in previous blog items. Yay, Rex.)

(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)