(Evan Vucci/AP)

Michael:“We hear the cries of Sexy Rexy out there. How long has that been going on? Is that rather new for you?”

Grossman: “I had a little bit of that at Florida, but for the most part, I’ve got it a lot more in the NFL.”

Michael: “Ok. any feelings about that? do you like that nickname?”

Grossman: “I like it when my wife calls me Sexy Rexy.”

(Redskins rules prohibit me from embedding the video; you can find it here.)

(Rex also discussed the nickname last preseason, saying “I don’t mind it when it comes from her, but some of these guys calling me Sexy Rexy out here, it’s a little odd.”)

In other quarterbacks news, the guys at Hogs Haven pointed out that the Redskins’ online team store is offering neither Grossman nor John Beck jerseys, despite having 17 player jerseys (and nine from the offense) available. There are also 14 retired players with jerseys for sales, including three QBs: Theismann, Rypien and Jurgensen.