At that point, the Redskins’ running backs had carried the ball 17 times for 105 yards in the second half, an average of 6.2 yards per attempt. That’s pretty good.

Meanwhile, Grossman’s previous two pass attempts had been an interception and an incompletion. The sofa critics figured the Redskins should come out and run the ball down St. Louis’s gullet. Instead, they came out throwing, and the Rams wound up with the ball at Washington’s 19.

After the game, though, Grossman defended the playcall on Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show.

“You know, at that given time in the game, it was time for us to start making plays,” Grossman said. “It was 17-10, and they had just scored a touchdown. It was time for us to start getting back into it. And I liked the playcall. I didn’t like the execution on my part.”

Speaking of execution, Grossman gave a fairly detailed rundown of what happened.

“It was a hard play-action pass, kind of a staple in our offense,” he told Kelli Johnson. “I haven’t watched the tape yet, but from what I saw, [Santana Moss] was wide open. And the mike backer [James Laurinaitis] was sucked up on the run, hauled ass to a play we run a lot and got underneath it.

“I have to watch the tape, but I HAVE to avoid that,” Grossman continued. “The first one I couldn’t really avoid, but that interception at that time, I’ve got to make sure I see the wide receiver absolutely open. And I did, but I’ve got to know the timing of the play, that that mike backer could get back in play.”

The CSN crew wasn’t done with Grossman, with Trevor Matich later asking him a detailed question about his 52 percent completion percentage.

“Based on what you know now, without looking at the film, walk us through some of the reasons why that percentage wasn’t higher today?” Matich asked.

“You know, nothing in the first half jumped out at me,” Grossman said. “I threw a lot of balls away. That can skew a stat. But not right now. I have to watch the tape. For the most part, other than the pick, I pretty much did what I had to do to execute each play, but we’ll see more as I really analyze it on tape.”

Grossman was also typically Grossman when asked about leading the division (“I mean, that’s good, I guess,” he said) and whether he’d be leaving town for the bye (“Um, yeah, yes,” he said emphatically), and he talked at length about learning to put teams away.

“We got up on them pretty early, and when we do that again, we’ve got to give ‘em a knockout punch, and not wait on our defense to bail us out,” the quarterback said. “We were trying to, we never were able to get it. When we’re in that position next time, we’ve got to put em out of range, not even play around with it.”

After Grossman left the set, host Chick Hernandez joked about the time Steve Czaban had grilled Mark Brunell after a game, leading Brunell to stop appearing on the show.

“But you know what, questions are gonna be asked,” Brian Mitchell said. “And if you don’t want those questions asked, then don’t do those type of things, don’t have those type of plays, and don’t put yourself in positions like that.”

Also, Grossman got all dressed up for the occasion, as seen above.