There were plenty of stars in Sunday’s win over the Giants — from Chris Neild to Ryan Kerrigan to Barry Cofield to Fred Davis — but Rex Grossman’s name resonated the most nationally, because people love to talk about quarterbacks, and people love to talk about Rex Grossman.

Thus, it was Grossman who went on PTI for “Five Good Minutes” on Tuesday, where he was asked whether he privately seethes over the mounds of criticism still heaped on his name.

“I’m pretty hard on myself when I review the tape,” he said. “I’m pretty hard on myself, I try to critique myself about as hard as anybody. When it gets annoying is when you play well or do something well and you get criticized, or you’re counted out. But I’m confident and I’m excited about this opportunity again to be the starter, and I’m gonna try to run with it.”

Then he was asked about his time in Chicago, where he would seemingly mix brilliance with, let’s call it unpredictability.

“We had a special year in 2006, and some of those moments I’ll never forget,” Grossman said. “Obviously there were some negative games, but for the most part I grew as a player knowing that I could play at a high level in this league that year, and that confidence has stayed with me. Now I feel like I’m much more mature, the game has slowed down, I understand defenses a little better, I’m in a different system. So a lot’s changed since then, but I’ll always look back at that season and that city fondly.”

Finally, Tony Kornheiser asked Grossman if there were one perception about him he could change, what that might be.

“You know, I’m in the process of doing that on the field,” the quarterback said. “I would like to be a consistent player, and thought of as a great quarterback in this league, so I’m trying to build that reputation through play, not talking about it. But you’re never gonna satisfy everybody, so it is what it is. But as long as my coaches and teammates think I’m doing a good job, that’s all that matters.”

(Image via @xmasape)