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Point is, I would say that Grossman and Beck have different forms of radio confidence. Beck sort of sounds like he’s trying to talk himself into being a legitimate NFL starter for a legitimate NFL franchise. Whereas Grossman actually believes, deep in the brassy depths of his rock-star soul, that every pass he throws will be a touchdown, every game he starts will be a win, and every team he plays for is on the superhighway toward greatness.

After re-signing with the Skins this week, Grossman appeared on both local sports talk stations, and on both, he expressed supreme confidence in the Redskins.

“I really feel like this organization, this team, this regime is on the cusp of breaking through and having a breakout year,” he told Mike Wise on 106.7 The Fan.

You might remember that Grossman was also confident last preseason, telling Kelli Johnson that the Skins were “ready to take over the NFC East.”

“I felt like we were good enough to win the East last year, and we lost some games we should have won,” Grossman told ESPN 980’s Sports Fix this week. “That being said, what do you want me to think going into a season? I’m confident about our team and I felt good about where we were. The question that was asked to me was about how good all these other NFC East teams were, what the Eagles did, how do you feel about your team. So my answer was honest. I mean, I wasn’t trying to make a big splash. I felt good about where we were at. I’m a confident player. I’ve got a lot of confidence in my teammates. I have no regrets for saying that. I felt real good about where we were. Things didn’t pan out, but I have no regrets about saying it.”

So then Thom Loverro asked Grossman for a 2012 prediction.

“A lot of things have to play out, but I’m always gonna be a confident guy,” the quarterback said. “I’m always gonna have a lot of confidence in this coaching staff and this offensive system. The defense is definitely gonna be another great defense in the league this year. So we have as good a shot as anybody.”

Both shows also asked Grossman about his public perception. Like, Wise asked what was the worst thing said about him during 2011.

“You know, I don’t really remember,” Grossman said with a laugh. “I don’t really seek out punishment. You know it’s out there. I just go to work and watch HBO, because usually there’s nothing on the Redskins on HBO. That’s pretty much how I deal with it.”

Kevin Sheehan on 980, meanwhile, asked Grossman if he understands how some Redskins fans will react to his re-signing.

“I mean, it is what it is,” Grossman said. “They want to be excited about big plays and they want to win, and I think everyone associated with the Redskins — whether it’s a fan, or [someone] in the building — wants the same end result. So I don’t really put much thought into that, because we all want the same thing, we want the Redskins to be on top. And that’s why I wanted to come back, because I wanted to see this thing through and wanted to be a part of it, whatever my role is.

“So I don’t think they have anything against me personally. We’re going about this with the same end goal in mind. I’m not worried about any offseason worries. I’m gonna fix what they think is wrong with me, and I can go out there and make plays and win a lot of games. I’ve got a lot of confidence that I can get a lot better as well, and be a part of turning this thing around.”