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And the third time — when Grossman appeared on the NFL Network’s “Around the League Live” Tuesday evening, with his Redskins 1-0 and tied for first in the division — I kind of thought it was awesome.

Rex Grossman does actually believe that the Washington Redskins will win the NFC East, and really, why shouldn’t he? A friend of mine bet on the Redskins at +1800 to win the division in the offseason, meaning you’d win $180 on a $10 bet. This week, the odds are down to +600 on Bodog, where the Giants are actually considered a bigger divisional longshot. That’s already a pretty big change in perception over a few short weeks.

“We just feel like we have a good team,” Grossman told the network. “It’s all going to play out, but we feel like from top to bottom — offensively, defensively, special teams — we’re a good team. And I was just trying to get across the fact that we’re a confident team and we’re gonna come out firing. And I really wasn’t trying to make a bold statement, but if you ask me the question again I’m gonna say yeah I think we’re going to win the East.”

If you’ve been following Grossman in recent weeks, you’ve already heard most of his stock answers, but he was asked yet again on why his career didn’t present the opportunities you might have expected based on his results.

“I’m not sure,” Grossman said. “That’s a complicated question. The first part of my career, I got injured my first couple of years. And then when I was able to play a full season, we went to the Super Bowl; had some ups and downs, but most of them were ups. For the most part, I’m glad I got another shot and I’m going to try to take full advantage of it.”

He was asked whether his showing on Sunday, coupled with Donovan McNabb’s horrific stats in San Diego, vindicated the Shanahans’ decision, and he was predictably non-committal.

“I don’t think that’s really relevant at all, [McNabb’s] performance,” Grossman said. “I have no idea if he played good or bad. I know he stat-wise wasn’t good, but you never know how the course of the game goes. Donovan is a good friend, he was a great teammate; he moved on and so did the Redskins.”

And he was asked by a fan question whether he now feels his position as the starter is secure.

“Any situation is a little bit different, but for the most part everybody has to perform,” Grossman said. “I don’t care who you are, you have to go out there and execute at high level and play consistent. I don’t care what job you have, you have to perform. It’s a little bit heightened maybe because of my reputation and the situation of a quarterback battle, but I’m not feeling that on Sundays.”

Again, the video is here.