(Rich Lipski/AP)

The quarterback made yet another offseason appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week — this time with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan — and the pending free agent was asked about the possibility of going back to Washington.

“I mean, I definitely like the situation,” Grossman said. “I like playing for a team that has that much history and tradition, and a fan base that cares that much, and a coaching staff that is determined to get this thing right, and an offense that I feel like suits me. A dream scenario for me would be to go back there and play consistently and play the way that I always thought I could for a whole season. I mean, that would be the dream scenario. But I also know that I’ve got to do what’s best for myself and take the best opportunity that’s out there. So we’ll see what happens March 13.”

Grossman was also asked what it felt like to watch a team he beat twice win the Super Bowl, and he answered that question with aplomb, never arguing that the Redskins were a pretty damn good 5-11.

“You know, [it makes you think] that we’re not that far off,” he instead said. “I mean, if we can come together and stay healthy and add a few pieces — just the Redskins as a team, whether I’m there or not — they’re just not that far off. A few playmakers here or there on offense and defense and just some consistent play and just staying alive. I mean, 9-7 won our division and that team won the Super Bowl. In the NFL, you’re just not that far away. It’s not like basketball or baseball where the worst team has no shot; you’re just not that far away. And I think everyone at Redskins Park is kind of feeling that way after watching a team we swept in the Super Bowl.”

Grossman was also asked about his refusal to get scared or nervous after throwing interceptions, and he admitted that maybe he needs to tone it down a bit.

“That’s just kind of who I am,” he said. “I think everybody has a way of playing that kind of brings out their personality a lot. If you’re a conservative guy, you’re gonna check it down a lot. If you kind of want to make things happen, you want to score points, you might have a few plays where you’re overly aggressive, and that’s what I need to kind of [work on] to limit some of my turnovers, realize that you don’t have to force the issue. Not saying all my turnovers came from that mind-set, but you can definitely limit some of those that are with that mind-set.”

Finally, in a quote that actually won’t make Redskins fans moan, Grossman was asked about the team’s rookie receivers.

“Leonard Hankerson is gonna be a star,” Grossman said. “He started to make a bunch of plays on scout team, one-handed [catches] over the middle, just unbelievable catches, and started to gain a bunch of confidence. And it carried over to the game once they put him in there. He’s a big, fast, smooth route runner and is gonna be a playmaker and a starter for the Redskins for a long time. Niles Paul is the other rookie, just a big, strong, fast [guy], solid as a rock. Really good in the run game at blocking, just hasn’t had the opportunity to make a lot of plays down the field, but he can do that as well.”