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RGIII asks his teammates ‘Why?’

“Know Your Why” is a common motivational phrase. The theory is that if you know why you do something or why your passions are what they are, then you’ll be more successful in meeting your goals.

Robert Griffin III has apparently been studying up on motivational techniques. He spent last night asking his Redskins teammates on Twitter why they sacrifice, using #KnowYourWhy in each tweet.

Not everyone answered, but some were inspired by RGIII’s question.

@RGIII I grind because I’m living my dream & I refuse to let is slip away! I can’t let my mim down, I made a promise & I plan on keeping it

— Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) July 10, 2012

I sacrifice because my momma did & I LOVE this game. You? “@RGIII #KnowYourWhy@Me why do you play the game?Why do you sacrifice?”

— Anthony Armstrong (@MrArmstrong13) July 10, 2012

@RGIII this page in my life was written out by God.. He promised me a blessing so I’m sacrificing to get it

— Terrence Austin (@Terrence_Austin) July 10, 2012

@RGIII I’m purpose driven.

— Tim Hightower (@Tim_Hightower) July 10, 2012

#KnowYourWhy I do it for the challenge. I like doing things they say I couldn’t do ;) #ThatsWhy @RGIII

— Pierre Garcon (@PierreGarcon) July 10, 2012

RGIII also knows his own why.

I play because I love the game & God has a plan for me. My story is his message. I sacrifice everything for my family & my team#KnowYourWhy

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) July 10, 2012

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