“Been known this lil scrub since we were 12 now we both made it,” Williams tweeted about Griffin in April. “See you week 1 of the preseason my boy.”

This week, their friendship became a popular topic in Western New York, the second-best place to live in the world.

“Me and Robert been close together since middle school days,” Williams, a former Texas Longhorn, said on Buffalo’s WGR. “Even in college, we’d keep in touch. It’s gonna be real good to go back against him.”

Close because of football camps? Nah.

“We actually ran summer track against each other,” Williams said. “We were big-time rivals back then. Then football came, he went to Baylor and we became rivals again.”

“The play is never over,” Williams told the Buffalo News when asked about facing RGIII three times in college.“I’ve learned that plenty of times playing against him... He makes plays happen.”

But enough of all that. Thursday afternoon, Williams posted the above image.

“We face again young grasshopper!” he wrote, adding that this photo shows the two athletes at age 11.

(Via Buffalo’s @louisstromberg)