After Robert Griffin III led the Redskins to a win in New Orleans on Sunday, he was surrounded by a mob including photographers, videographers, team employees and Spike Lee. When he emerged from the scrum, the QB turned toward the crowd of Redskins fans chanting his name and blew a kiss.

Now, maybe this kiss was directed at his family members or fiancee, but the crowd liked it, and let out a roar.

Meanwhile, in more RGIII news, Jerry Jones is already concerned.

“His athletic ability, his speed, all of that is something that I don’t look forward to the Cowboys competing against for a lot of years,” the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The Fan, via The Cowboys Blog. “The Redskins have needed a quarterback for a long time. They have an outstanding defense....They’re going to be improved.”

Meanwhile, in even more RGIII news, here’s a telling nugget from’s Dan Graziano, about the high-percentage passes the Redskins relied on during their first drive of the season.

I asked Shanahan if this had been by design — if he’d set up that first drive with those quick passes to help his rookie get into the rhythm of the game without facing pressure from the Saints’ defense or pressure to go through progressions while he got his feet under him. Because I figured, if it had been, it was a pretty smart idea.

“No, he has options on those plays,” Shanahan said. “He decided to run it that way.”

Still seemed like a pretty smart idea.

(Video via @AlanBeall, Jones link via @HomerMcFanboy)


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