Here, though, was Robert Griffin III, gesticulating with a game ball as he answered questions about his debut, and the play-calling, and the win.

Turns out it was the same ball that Pierre Garcon toted 88 yards, giving RGIII his first NFL touchdown. During his press conference, the quarterback talked about that play.

“It was funny,” he began. “They blitzed on that play. And I was hot, and I was looking to throw to my hot guy, and he got covered. Pierre was the primary receiver on that [play], so I had enough time to look back to him and throw it to him. The one thing receivers don’t like to do, [no matter] tough they are or not, they don’t like to run across the middle for a long period of time. And Pierre ran across the middle, caught it high over the middle and did a good job finishing the play, so I commend him for that. This is actually the ball from that touchdown. They gave it to me. You know, first touchdown in the NFL.”

You know.

(Images via’s video and @JenXperience.)

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