“@RGIII is on my grandmothers block shooting an Adidas commercial,” one D.C. native wrote on Twitter.

The equally tireless Reliable Source has more:

At 16th and K near the White House, the elaborate production involved a water tanker truck, like they use to simulate rain on a movie shoot. At another filming site near 6th and Rhode Island NW in Shaw, Mayor Vincent Gray dropped by to greet the Redskins’ great new hope.

Because it’s 2012, there were of course immediately photos of the filming all over the Internet. Photos which included Robert Griffin III dressed as a policeman, as seen above, and uncovered by @RecordsAndRadio and @Mr_KevinJones. Haven’t seen any of RGIII with Gray just yet.

A tipster also sent me a couple images of Griffin in the rain simulation, seen below. Another keen eye — @julooney — got the third image below, from the Shaw site, while yet another — @dylangaines256 — captured the wide view from the 16th and K shoot.

Bear in mind, it was years before Alex Ovechkin got to shoot pucks off the roofs of D.C. office buildings.


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