Since we asked readers to send us questions for specific players (keep them coming!), one of the most common has been about Robert Griffin III’s arm sleeve. Despite throwing with his right arm, he wears a full sleeve on his left, which is a bit uncoventional.

I asked RGIII about it at yesterday’s presser, and here’s what he had to say.

“The glove [on his left hand], obviously I made a joke and said it was Michael Jackson and that actually was the reason why I wore that in seventh grade, the first time I played football,” he explained. “The sleeve has kind of evolved. I used to not wear a sleeve, then I wore a half sleeve my sophomore year when I came back from injury. Then it just turned into a full sleeve.

“It’s kinda just something I’m comfortable with,” he continued. “I think it was Deion [Sanders] who said, ‘If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good. you play good.’ That’s kinda what that is for me. But other than that, no really good particular reason. I’m not trying to keep this arm warm just in case I need to throw with it. I can throw with it, just in case you’re wondering.”

Now you know.

As for his ability to throw with his weak arm, Griffin explained where that came from.

“I can throw left handed. My dad’s actually left handed and so he taught me how to throw left handed. I can throw it 30 or 40 yards.”

Kirk Cousins just lost his backup job to RGIII’s left arm.


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