Which is why when he finally explained the whole “know your why” during a chat with FoxSports.com, it made want to tweet him my own why.

“I said it last night on Twitter to a lot of my teammates, just know your why,” he said. “If we know our why, why we do the things that we do, if you know the guy’s story next to you who’s lining up on your right side if you’re the center, or the receiver you’re throwing to, it makes you willing to sacrifice for that guy because you know why he’s doing it and he knows why you’re doing it. So, if we can build that, that’s all I can ask for because the wins on the field, they don’t come if you don’t know your why.”

They also don’t come if you don’t throw touchdown passes, but if RGIII adds “to throw touchdown passes” to his list of whys, then we’re all good.

He also revealed that he doesn’t have a “best friend” on the team.

“I don’t know if I got a best friend yet. But we’ll definitely, through the grinding process, you’ll find who that guy is that you can rely on no matter what. But I think I found a couple of guys I know I can rely on. Maybe not a best friend, but you can rely on London Fletcher, you can rely on Santana Moss. Those guys are definitely staples of not only Washington Redskins, but the NFL in general.”

Looks like RGIII is keeping both halves of his “best friends” heart locket for now.