From left to right: Sarah Evans (12), Addison Gorenflo (10), Carson Gorenflo (11), and Will Evans (14) (Joe Glorioso)

 Four particularly adorable young fans stood out in the crowd. These four were sporting, in addition to the standard Redskins gear, Superman socks.

 “We were hoping to get Robert Griffin III’s, autograph,” explained Carson Gorenflo, age 11.  “We looked around all day for these socks.”

 Carson, along with his sister Addison (10), and friends Sarah (12) and Will Evans (14), almost gave up on their quest for pairs of the socks that RGIII made famous when he accepted his Heisman Trophy.

 “We thought about putting Superman underwear on our head instead [to get Griffin’s attention],” said Carson.

 They finally found their socks and it paid off.

 “[Griffin] saw our socks and had a big smile on his face,” said Will, who wore his own big smile while telling the story.

 As far as what it would be like to get the cherished autograph, Carson said it best.

 “It would be Superman-like,” he said.


Washington Redskins' fans wearing Superman socks call for quarterback Robert Griffin III after practice on the 2nd day of training camp Friday. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)