(By Peggy Sirota/GQ - used with permission.)

You’d have been right, too.

In the above photo, he’s wearing a $6,000 double-breasted military coat by Balmain, plus Prada jeans and a Cartier necklace. And jumping, or something.

In a second image, seen here, he’s wearing a $2,365 “nautical standard” by Gucci, and Hudson Jeans, and doing...really, I have no idea what he’s doing, exactly. But it looks fashionable.

The story is by GQ Senior Articles Editor Brendan Vaughan, a lifelong Redskins fan who writes that “not even the fervor surrounding the second coming of Gibbs, with his three Super Bowl rings, approached the mania that has gripped D.C. during this summer of Robert Griffin III.”

I’ve actually heard this debate on local radio stations. I think it’s a close call. More from Vaughan:

In the months since the team traded up to draft RG3 — he of the rocket arm, big brain, Olympian speed, Heisman, and overall rep as an animatronic football god of the future, not to mention a stand-up guy — Redskins fans have become convinced that here, finally, is The Answer. And not just for a season or two, which is all we could expect from geezers like Mark Brunell and McNabb. No, the beautiful dream in Washington is that we are on the cusp of the RG3 Era. A dozen seasons (at least!) of that rarest thing in the NFL: long-term stability at quarterback.

Maybe? Regardless, the kid clearly knows how to rock a double-breasted military coat.

“Made famous by Her Majesty’s army, made hip by the Beatles, perfected by Balmain (and RG3),” as the magazine puts it.

GQ’s NFL Kick-Off issue is on newsstands this week.