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And being a rookie evidently hasn’t stopped RGIII from being a less public leader, either. Like doing that quarterback thing where you call all your teammates, and ask about their dogs and kids, and share quiche recipes, and make sure they’re doing their offseason workouts.

“I’m impressed with the guy, just the fact that he’s reaching out to everybody,” tight end Niles Paul told the Son of Washington podcast this week. “He continues to check on me, all the time. Like, what [are] you doing? You training? And I’m just like ‘Yeah, I’m up here doing work in D.C.’ And he says good job!

“I’m like, ok. This is my quarterback, but he’s still a rookie. And he’s doing this and kind of stepping up and being this leader that everybody wants him to be, and I respect the man for it.”

Like everyone else who lives in the Western Hemisphere, Paul had even more extensive praise for Griffin, both on and off the field.

“From OTAs, you see our offense progressing from day one to what it is now; we’re still progressing,” the tight end said. “You get an RGIII who, in my opinion, just from watching OTAs, has lived up to everything he was hyped up to be. And I’m excited to play alongside this guy, and I can’t wait for preseason and Game 1...

“I think Robert has come in and he’s taken on a role that a lot of rookies don’t get to take on, and I think he’s doing it so well. He’s not doing too much, and he’s still being humble about the whole thing, but he’s stepping up and he’s gradually becoming one of the leaders of this team. And that’s just something that you want out of your quarterback.”

The host of the podcasts were, obviously, head-over-heels optimistic for the upcoming season, something Redskins fans haven’t been able to say for at least 10 or 11 months.

“There’s been just a ton of excitement,” one told Paul. “I can’t remember a time since I was literally about 5 or 6 years old watching the ‘91 Super Bowl team where this was this much Redskins hysteria....People are genuinely excited.”

And Paul seemed excited, too.

“I’m just excited about this whole season coming up,” he said. “I don’t think people understand how excited the players are.”

(Listen to the interview here.)


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