SUBWAY on Monday morning announced that Griffin will be its latest ”Famous Fan” athlete endorser, following the lead set by Justin Tuck, Michael Strahan, Ndamukong Suh, Blake Griffin, Carl Edwards, Michael Phelps and others

And it did so by unveiling “an artistic representation of the football star from the chest up, standing approximately three feet tall and made almost entirely of SUBWAY® Smokehouse BBQ Chicken.”

In the history of Washington D.C. sports, very few athletes have been portrayed using barbecue chicken. Like, almost none.

“It’s just great that I can get free sandwiches now instead of having to pay for them,” Griffin said on ESPN Radio Tuesday morning.

Artist James Victor of Conshohocken, Pa., used more than 300 pieces of Subway chicken to make this statue, which was unveiled at a Subway on Fifth Avenue in New York. Several D.C. reporters are on-location, so there will be more barbecue chicken reportage as the day goes on.

Because this is such an awesome thing, here is a free sentence for Subway: “The new Smokehouse BBQ Chicken boasts a sweet and smoky taste, with only 360 calories and six grams of fat.”

Subway has done this event with the expected stars of the NFL draft in previous seasons: see Suh and C.J. Spiller made out of pepperoni, and Mark Ingram made out of chicken salad.

Oh, and Griffin also talked to ESPN Radio about the reports of his selfishness.

“I can’t fight that battle,” he said. “The people who know you and know what you’re about, or have at least gotten a glimpse of it, can fight that battle for you.”

I’ll be chatting with Griffin momentarily, so please do check back.


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