Trent Williams is one of those people. Williams was on the Sports Fix yesterday to offer his insight into RGIII’s command of the huddle and who is the best athlete on the offensive line. (Hint: He says it’s him.)


“I don’t want to brag on him too much, but from what I’ve seen these last few weeks, it’s kind of hard not to. I mean, he commands the huddle. I’ll be in the huddle and joking around. When he walks in, he’ll tap me and tell me to be quiet while he calls the play. That’s impressive for a rookie to have that kind of command over a huddle.”

On who is the best athlete on the offense:

“Me. I play basketball a lot. That’s about all, really. I mean, ya’ll know how my golfing is.”

On whom he looks forward to facing the most:

“I always look forward to a battle with DeMarcus Ware. I always feel like he’s the best overall [defensive end] that the league has to offer. He’s the best. It really doesn’t get no better than him. And if I can go out and hold him, keep him off the quarterback the whole game, it does a great deal for my confidence.”

On his goals for this season:

“I plan on not giving up a sack the whole year. That’s always a personal goal of mine, nothing really changed about that. Just not missing any assignments and really stepping up and being more of a vocal leader, which I stepped up and did some of last year but want to do more of this year.”