RGIII and his fiancee at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards. (Jason Merritt/GETTY IMAGES)

“I don’t know much about football, but, so what’s his deal?” Kardashian reportedly asked the producer, during a post-draft 30 Rock taping.

“And I’m thinking, you stay away from him. This is a nice young man,” the producer joked to Eisen.

Now, we included this anecdote here because it was kind of funny, and because people were talking about it, and because it allowed us to use “Robert Griffin III” and “Kim Kardashian” in a headline together.

But some readers seemed to take this news mighty seriously, despite the fact that RGIII is engaged, and despite the fact that this entire incident consisted of a brief tale told by a sit-com producer on a Rich Eisen podcast.

In any case, for those of you who were concerned, here’s this week’s update. RGIII himself was on the Eisen podcast, and after all the football questions, the host got to the important stuff.

“What were you doing at the 30 Rock taping the night that you were drafted in the NFL?” Eisen asked. “We heard you went right down the street from Radio City to the live taping of 30 Rock at NBC.”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not every day you get to go see something like that and meet those stars,” Griffin said. “So we stopped by the 30 Rock set, and got to sit in and watch it and just see how they go about their jobs. And it’s cool to see that in person, because not everybody gets a chance to see that, first of all. And then you get to see them at work, and they’re extremely brilliant at what they do, and extremely funny.”

“And many people were excited to meet you, too,” Eisen said. “We heard Kim Kardashian was there, Robert. I don’t know if you heard that story....”

Griffin laughed. 

“Yeah, I heard the Kim Kardashian story,” he said. “She was there. And I guess that’s all I can say about that,” he finished, with more laughter.

 “There’s no there there, that’s your line, right?” Eisen prompted. “There was no there there?”

“Yeah, there was no there there,” Griffin agreed. “So people can calm down. No worries.”

Then he laughed again.

Listen to the full podcast here.

In case you’d like one football nugget with your Kardashian news, RGIII also said he’s been talking to veteran and former NFL quarterbacks, seeking their guidance.

“I’ve talked to Peyton Manning, Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner,  Jeff Blake,” he said. “All these guys have been real helpful in how you approach the game, how you approach practice, and what you need to do to avoid those rookie mistakes. One thing they’ve all said is you’ve got to step up and be vocal, talk to your offensive coordinator, to where you guys are only running the plays you feel comfortable with.

“And it sounds real simple,” he continued, “but a lot of times you can just go and coach tells you to do something and you go out and you do it. And by all means I’m willing to do what coach asks me to do, but if we can work together and figure out what we do well, what best suits our team, and what will keep us on the field and help us score points, then we can definitely be a great team.”