It also marks RGIII’s second Sports Illustrated cover in five months, which isn’t bad. (Here’s the first.)

(Peyton Manning, incidentally, is on the non-East Coast version of this week’s magazine.)

Meanwhile, ESPN Dallas is running a side-by-side argument feature, with two writers debating which quarterback they’d rather have for the next five years, Romo or RGIII.

“The future of the NFL is RG3,” columnist Calvin Watkins wrote. “He’s got the leadership abilities, physical makeup and is playing in a high-profile city, as well. His future is brighter than Romo’s.”

And the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is running a round-table discussion, wondering whether the Rams should have drafted RGIII.

“After monitoring the Rams Talk debates and Jeff Gordon's live chats, we know which way the fans are leaning this week (R-G-3! R-G-3!),” the paper wrote.

Man, Sam Bradford is gonna get booed for his first mistake on Sunday. His second one, too.

(Image via @dcborn61; first blogged by Real Redskins.)