Thursday night, that happened. As seen in this photo taken by Sarah. Plus RGIII was holding Adidas cleats. Plus there were pretzel jokes by clever bloggers who used the right hashtag. And a pretty nicely done video. (See below.)

Oh, and USA Today had a big feature this week on the different marketing strategies taken by Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Quote:

“I really didn’t have much time,” Luck said. “And I wanted to make sure I had time to handle the stuff that mattered, whether it was moving into an apartment, finishing school or learning the playbook. There was so much going on, I figured the less time I spent promoting myself or doing ads, the better for me. I figured I’d wait and hopefully, at some point, a big fish will come along. And really, to each his own. I don’t necessarily think my way is the right way. It’s what’s best for each person. It’s fun to see Robert capitalizing on his situation.”

Plus, you don’t see any buildings in downtown Indianapolis promoting 74-foot tall images of Andrew Luck.*

* That I know of.

More images below, via @HogsHaven and @Mitch_Tischler. Sarah will have an in-person report on Friday, I’d imagine.