Indeed, the guy has been impossible to miss on television lately, with his new Ga­tor­ade and Adidas commercials both in heavy rotation.

“I done seen my man RGIII on 3 different commercials in 3 weeks,” former Baylor basketball star Perry Jones III recently observed.

“Ay real tlk RGIII if ya Gatorade commercial come on one more time lol,” Redskins teammate Jarvis Jenkins wrote.

“They keep showing that commercial of him winking at some dude too lol,” Niles Paul chimed in.

Now here comes the new Football America catalog, with RGIII on the cover, pushing EvoShield, another of his sponsors. This comes not long after RGIII landed on the cover of Eastbay, decked out in Adidas gear.

And it brings to mind a passage from Dave Sheinin’s wonderful profile of the kid.

The hectic [offseason] schedule had some people close to Griffin wondering whether he was spreading himself too thin, but he promised them it wasn’t too much and insisted the marketing engine would shut down once training camp started. The goal was partly financial. Griffin hoped to live for the year off his sponsorship income, which could reach seven figures for someone with his national appeal, and put all his Redskins earnings — more than $14 million in bonus and salary — in savings.

Training camp starts this week. So prepare for the marketing engine to shut down.


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