(Tony Dejak/AP)

For example, during an appearance on ESPN Radio having something to do with Ga­tor­ade, RGIII was asked about coming to D.C.

“The city and the surrounding area is definitely hungry for success,” the quarterback said. “And it’s something that I’m used to, going to Baylor University and being in Waco and helping that community, not only myself but a lot of the guys that I played with.

“It just shows you what happens. When a community can be hungry for success, and you’re willing to go out and do what it takes to give them that success, the possibilities are endless.”

Then the fill-in hosts asked Griffin if he’s more popular in D.C. than Alex Ovechkin.

“I have no idea if I’m more popular than him,” the QB said. “You can just let the fans decide.”

Then the fill-in hosts asked Griffin if he’s more popular in D.C. than Stephen Strasburg.

“I mean, all these guys, they’re great athletes,” the QB said. “And the one thing they all have in common is they have played a professional sport. I have not played. I guess you could say they’re more popular right now. But the fans, they can’t wait for football season.”

Then Linda Cohn told RGIII her son has him on his fantasy team, which is odd, since it’s early July, and asked if that would work out.

“I know I believe in myself, the coaches believe in me and my team believes in me,” Griffin said. “So that’ll help me go out and be successful and do whatever I need to do to help us win, whether that’s run for a lot of yards or throw for a lot of yards. But whether it’s a Redskins fan or a guy that has me on their fantasy team, they can definitely look forward to positive things.”

A few minutes later, Griffin was on ESPN the TV Channel, during another appearance having something to do with Ga­tor­ade. Here he was asked about the pressure of bestowing stability upon a long-struggling franchise.

“My job is to go out and not try to manage expectations or pressure, because that’s not what I look at it as,” he said. “People are gonna be exited about what’s going on. My job is just to go out and be that stability, be that guy that they can all look to and know that when he’s out there, we definitely have a chance.”