The Redskins have tightly controlled Robert Griffin III’s media access during preseason, which generally means he speaks with media members twice a week: on Mondays, and after games.

No radio call-in shows, in other words.

But I guess you can’t stop him from calling into the radio-and-Internet show run by his locker neighbor, Adam Carriker. The show in question is called 4th & Pain; it’s Carriker’s passionate look at the world of pro wrestling.

No really.

And last week, the defensive lineman scored what has to be the biggest get in 4th & Pain history when he landed RGIII on the phone asked about his childhood love of pro wrestling.

“I watched a little bit of WCW and WWF, at the time,” Griffin said. “I was a huge Goldberg fan when he had that long winning streak, which I think was ended by Kevin Nash when he was fighting for the title. I was a huge fan of Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of my earliest memories was [Michaels] beating The Rock early in his career, and then Shawn Michaels got beat by Stone Cold, which kind of ended the first part of his career, with that Stone Cold Stunner.”

Considering that I had to Google every word in the previous paragraph, it’s safe to say RGIII knows more about pro wrestling than I do. He told Carriker that he preferred WCW to WWE as a kid, but that he watched both.

“My favorite wrestler of all time is definitely Goldberg, with Shawn Michaels being a close second,” the quarterback said. “The Spear, the Jackhammer, those are two moves that no one could replicate the way that he did ‘em. It was exciting to watch.”

Then Carriker, who did about as well with an 11-minute pro wrestling interview as you could expect, asked RGIII who in the Skins locker room would be the best pro wrestler.

“I think Kerrigan could probably make it in the WWE,” Griffin said. “Maybe London Fletcher. It definitely takes a hard-nosed guy that’s pretty strong. If you’re looking for a big guy I think Chris Baker could definitely be a Rikishi- type guy.”

Thankfully, Griffin also told Carriker that he doesn’t watch as much pro wrestling as he used to, and that “I don’t know if I grew out of it or whatever, but it’s just not the same.” But he did answer yet another good question, this one about what his ring persona would be like.

“I definitely wouldn’t be wearing tighty whiteys or any of the tight clothes that some of those guys wear,” he said. “But I think I would be a high flyer, just because I always enjoyed watching the high-fly guys, the Rey Mysterio s, the Jeff Hardys, all those guys that are jumping off ladders, putting people through tables and things like that. So I’d definitely have to be that guy, even though a lot of those guys don’t last for a long time because they’re constantly putting their bodies through a lot of pain.”

Now if only we can get Logan Paulsen to start a podcast about cheese or something. I bet RGIII loves Robiola. Just a hunch.


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