If you didn’t already know that Robert Griffin III in D.C. was a big deal, here’s more proof: Since April 1 — the start of the NFL’s fiscal year — RGIII is second in the league in NFLShop.com jersey sales, behind only Peyton Manning.

That means, somewhat remarkably, that more people have bought RGIII Skins jerseys than Tim Tebow Jets jerseys. Someone alert the producers of First Take!

If you have a sharp memory, you’ll recall that I posted an “RGIII has the NFL’s top selling jersey” item in late May, but that was only for the month of May. (The NFLShop.com lists typically date from April 1.) This week’s release, though, includes the entire span of April 1-July 31, meaning it also includes several weeks when there were no RGIII jerseys to purchase

Since April 1, the top 10 looks like this:

1. Peyton Manning

2. Robert Griffin III

3. Tim Tebow

4. Andrew Luck

5. Eli Manning

6. Aaron Rodgers

7. Patrick Willis

8. Tom Brady.

9. Cam Newton

10. Troy Polamalu

Five more members of the NFC East made the top 25 list, including Victor Cruz (11th), Tony Romo (13th), DeMarcus Ware (19th), Jason Witten (21st) and Michael Vick (23rd).

While Tebow jerseys are currently out of stock, RGIII was already ahead in June, when both were available.

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