It was also, of course, RGIII’s first touchdown throw in the NFL. After Garcon reached the end zone, RGIII lay flat on his back and crossed himself before celebrating with his team.

But it’s the image of Griffin sitting down, watching Garcon go after grabbing a laser of a slant, and raising his arms (below) that will be the memorable image from this play. It was part of an insane passing start for Griffin: 10-for-11 for 155 yards and two touchdowns. And it sent Redskins fans into near euphoria.

“God willing, RGIII watching his first NFL touchdown happen will still be an iconic D.C. sports image many, many years from now,” one fan wrote. “I want this on a poster. I want this on a t-shirt. We’ll hold off on the statue. For now.”

(Images via @dcuniverse and @RecordsAndRadio. Watch the GIF here.)