Robert Griffin III has talked frequently about his childhood love of basketball. Here’s a passage, for example, from a recent Les Carpenter profile:

Griffin has a story about his father he loves to repeat. He thinks it summarizes the man's devotion and obsession. It happened when Griffin was 7 and he told Robert II he wanted to play basketball like Michael Jordan. The next day Robert II took Robert III to a basketball court behind a local junior high school and made him dribble left-handed for three hours until Robert III finally went home in tears.

Griffin went on to play basketball in high school, and it would appear he still can make his way around the court. This video shows a relatively old H.O.R.S.E. game between Griffin and fellow rookie Trent Richardson. The quarterback seems to be comfortably superior than the running back; RGIII closes the video with a not-too-shabby dunk.

The game was filmed at API Phoenix before the NFL Combine, as part of the Everything to Prove series on 11 rookies, a Ga­tor­ade and NFL Films collaboration. See more here.