(Alex Brandon/AP)

Above, please observe Griffin’s latest cleat message to the world. This AP photo was taken on Monday, but Griffin apparently had the new motto at least as far back as Saturday, when Pro Players Insider’s Emmanual Benton asked him about them.

I asked Griffin if he plans on writing similar quotes on his game cleats, and he replied simply, “If I’m allowed.”

Meanwhile, Griffin talked about the cleat message on the podium Monday. Via Rich Tandler:

Griffin had “Seize the Moment” written in silver Sharpie on his left cleat and “Seize the Day” on the right. Asked why, he explained, “You want to make sure you come out every day and get better. Make sure no matter what happens, whether you have a bad practice or a good practice, that you learn from it. A lot of us made the most of our day today.”

If the NFL kept score based on motivational techniques and press-conference wisdom, you could probably just hand RGIII the MVP trophy now. Though I’d like to see him needle the press corps with some dark cleat humor next time. Or maybe something in Cyrillic .

As seen below, RGIII also wore a “Prayer of Salvation” dog tag and a woman’s ring around his neck on Monday.

(Alex Brandon/AP)