“When I started dating him, I realized he was really good,” Liddicoat told NFL.com. “I wished he got more attention. It was like, ‘He goes to Baylor, so he’s not getting attention.’ And then when he finally did a little bit in the season after, he got injured. Then this past year, it just went crazy and I was just so happy that he finally was getting the attention he deserved and so was Baylor. We went from thinking, ‘Oh yeah, he could get drafted’ to ‘Wow, he’s going to go really high.’ It kinda still is just sinking in.”

During a recent RGIII commercial shoot, she also revealed that his star power has already gotten in the way of a meal or two.

“Right after the draft when we came out to his press conference at the stadium, there were a lot of fans, a lot more than I would’ve expected,” Liddicoat said. “They were so excited and happy to see him and that was kind of the first step. As far as going out places, he gets noticed here and there. There was one day that we went out, we were just walking around these stores and we turned to go back and that’s when it hit. We couldn’t walk. So, we kinda just got back to our car. But I think people are noticing and they are excited.“

Like RGIII, Liddicoat seems to have a great attitude about it all.

“It’s good,” she said. “I’m glad they’re excited about the fact that he’s here, and it’s only natural because they’re ready for something like that, they’re ready for a chance. It’s nothing to be mad about. Sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh, we’d like to eat dinner,’ but it’s good. It’s all for the best.“

It’s been a long time since the Redskins had to worry about a player’s popularity being a problem. Even Bryce Harper, who easily rivals RGIII in local starpower, doesn’t seem to have a problem eating dinner.