Robert Griffin III has been the most poised rookie in the history of rookies. His answers in press conferences, whether off the cuff or planned, have been no less than perfect.

But here’s one from last night’s post-game press conference that I’m sure he’d like to have back.

“It’s a great part of this team. There’s a lot of guys that try to help me out. I was being quiet ‘cause Pierre [Garcon], he’s a type of veteran player, and he was trying to give me little pointers on what to do in pre-season games, you know, what to pay attention to in the games. Because a lot of times once you do get out, you can get completely out of the game and just start doing retarded or ridiculous things.”

Now, I don’t think for one second that his use of the word “retarded” as an adjective was malicious and I’m fairly certain that he knows it’s politically incorrect.

That being said, if it were any other high profile athlete who made that mistake, we would report it. It’s going to upset people for various reasons, and being the one to point it out is not fun.

But it’s our job to cover these players — the good and the bad — and we can’t ignore certain things because they make us uncomfortable.

If there’s something to be learned from this, it’s that even the most poised athletes make mistakes and RGIII has gotten his first public misstep out of the way.

He isn’t perfect after all. Just human.