At his first press conference of training camp, Robert Griffin III said he was done making commercials for a while, that he was instead focusing on football, and that his status as a major endorsement icon would not change his position in the locker room.

Via Football Insider:

Griffin said his teammates have shared in the excitement of his Adidas and Gatorade commercials and that, “they rubbed them the right way.” But, he added that aside from some good-natured joking, he is just one of the guys. “It’s great and easy to balance that now because the team doesn’t look at me that way. They don’t look at me as a celebrity. Yeah, I’m their quarterback and am going to lead them to victory, but there are no autographs in the locker room — for the most part. I’m not RGIII to them, I’m just Robert.”

Which is cool and all, but holy cow, the kid is currently starring in television commercials for every single major brand in the United States, plus a few that are especially popular in the Baltic republics.

Here’s his new Subway ad. In it, Griffin, Nastia Liukin and Apolo Ohno extol the awesomeness of avocado on sandwiches.

“It’s a game-changer,” Griffin says, adding “gimme some of that” before saying that Subway is “the official training restaurant of Robert Griffin III.”

“Besides Johnny Rockets,” I think he forgot to add.

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RGIII’s new Adidas commercial

RGIII’s new Ga­tor­ade commercial

RGIII for EvoShield

RGIII on two catalog covers