(Photo by Scott Allen - USA Today. Used with permission.)

“Nah,” RGIII said. “I mean, I’m fine with the sock questions. People seem to really like that stuff. So who am I to rain on anybody’s parade? Keep ‘em coming.”

Fair enough. In that spirit, longtime Bog reader and current USA Today staffer Scott Allen asked RGIII about his socks during Tuesday night’s Ga­tor­ade Athlete of the Year awards thingee. Turns out he was going with a Santa theme.

“I was in the giving spirit tonight, they had me giving out an award," Griffin told Scott. “I wore some Santa Claus socks, because I was bearing gifts.”

RGIII also wore some crazy socks to the ESPYs on Wednesday nig

ht. See below, via @heatherzeller, although it’s not a very good image.


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