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And some people didn’t like the way we were writing about it.

I have a hard time believing this is anything more than a few reporters who don’t really like [Gov. Bob] McDonnell’s politics to begin and are taking this opportunity to score some cheap shots against him,” one particularly displeased Bog commenter wrote.

So for him, I present you this quote, from Richmond’s DEMOCRATIC mayor.

“We’ve actually been in contact with them for quite some time,” Dwight Jones said on Richmond’s ESPN 950. “And actually, the coach really wanted to expand the footprint of the team. They really want to be a Virginia team, and so they really kind of pushed this thing along, even to the point of not having an exact location. They’re signed on for eight years. They have some very specific requirements. We’re gonna meet ‘em. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Emphasis added.

Jones was asked if the ultimate training camp site could be outside the city limits, and he was clear.

They were pretty specific about this being a Richmond deal,” he said, noting that local athletic directors, business people and Redskins officials will meet to decide on the site. “This is gonna be huge for tourism,” he said. “It’ll be huge for economic development...and then just for the brand of our city, it just takes us to another level.”

McDonnell was on the same station, and he made similar points.

“This makes sure...that they are gonna be permanently anchored in the commonwealth of Virginia,” he said, noting that a majority of Skins season ticket holders live in Virginia. “We did have competition. Both Maryland and D.C. made a pitch to have the Redskins move their corporate headquarters to their jurisdictions, and I think they offered far more than Virginia did in terms of financial incentives.

“But they’ve got a home here. This is the friendliest state in America. Their players pay less taxes and have less regulation here in Virginia, they love that. And Mayor Jones did a great job convincing them that this is a marvelous place to spend three weeks.”

(What were the Redskins’ specific requirements? “For instance, they want the practice field to be some place very very close to the place that the players are gonna sleep,” Jones said. “A lot of specific things that they have, and I think our job is to make sure that they’re completely pleased and satisfied.”)

Ok. We’ll stop now. Probably.


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