I’m maybe not the biggest Dan Snyder apologist in the world, but certain things are probably off-limits. Like, say, making jokes about Snyder’s deceased father.

Which is why the following passage from Rick Reilly’s most recent ESPN.com column caught the eye of Reader Michael. It’s about borderline NFL players making ends meet absent the NFL.

[John] Moffitt’s got no job and no endorsement deals -- “Nobody wants to see my face on anything,” he says -- and “my parents stopped sending my allowance.” So George is paying for training and living expenses until something breaks.

After that?

“Well, my dad paints houses in Guilford, Conn.,” he says. “I think he’d maybe take me on doing that. But it’s kind of hard right now. I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

You hear anything about Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder hitting up his dad lately?

Yeah. That’s not a very funny joke, considering the context.

I’m not sure how long that was up there, but the joke has now been changed to this:

You hear anything about any NFL owners hitting up their dads lately?

There’s no indication that anything changed, or that the previous joke was inappropriate, or that a mistake was made. Yay, transparency.