(Gene J. Puskar/AP)

And thus, this transcript from Riggleman’s appearance Friday morning on MLB Network Radio’s “First Pitch” with Jeff Joyce and Rob Dibble.

“There was a quote that somebody wrote from Mike Rizzo yesterday and we both agreed that you probably did not say this, “ Joyce said. “Mike Rizzo said Jim told me pre-game if we wouldn’t pick up his option then he wouldn’t get on the team bus today, and I know you said yesterday flat-out you didn’t give that kind of an ultimatum.”

“No, and you know, that irritates me that that was out there,” Riggleman said, “because I wasn’t in a position to do that. I wouldn’t do that. What I said is I would like to talk about it when we get to Chicago. If Mr. Lerner’s there fine, if it’s just you and I fine, whoever. But I think that I’ve asked to talk about it a couple times and it was never the right time. Let’s talk about it when I get to Chicago. And then Mike, as I said, didn’t want to do that, and so that was the only ultimatum. If you’re gonna tell me that we’re not even gonna talk about it, then I’m not gonna go.”