Here’s Mike Rizzo, when asked by MASN’s Kristina Akra on Wednesday evening about which Nats deserve league-wide recognition.

“Well, Gio’s been terrific for us,” the GM said. “If he’s not the leader of the Cy Young conversation, he’s certainly in the group. Adam LaRoche had a marvelous season for us. Ian Desmond is leading all shortstops in all offensive categories. We feel that we’ve got our share of award winners.

“And Davey Johnson, if he’s not the manager of the year, there should be an investigation,” Rizzo continued. “He can communicate with the players so well, he’s got a wealth of knowledge and talent to fire at these guys, and they respect him so much. He’s done it all.”

Speaking of Johnson, he made his second weekly appearance with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday morning, and somehow got to talking about one of his more unusual hobbies.

“Well, I’ve done acrobatic flying,” he said. “I’m a pilot. I’ve got over 2,000 hours. My next step after that was I was gonna jump out of one. People wanted me to jump out of one, do a little free falling. But as you get a little older — by the way guys — you kind of get a little more cautious. I don’t really like heights that much.

“And my wife made me quit flying, because I was doing that in a Citabria. You do a spin, take it up to 5,000 feet, put it in a spin and then you come out and do a 360. Well, the gal that owned the plane was in front of me, but I was flying. The aileron is between your legs and the throttle is on your left, on the windshield side.

“And I didn’t have enough speed or something, or too big a circle, and we started falling tail down. And you’re sitting on your parachute, I’m trying to get the thing to break out of the stall, and I’m thinking, is it time for me to go up through the roof, over her and out and pull the cord on my parachute? But we finally broke out. And I said, you know, I may not be made out for this.”

Right. Anyhow, Rizzo. He was also asked about playing meaningful games in late September.

“We’re excited about it,” he said. “It’s the first time for the city. The city’s responding, as you can see tonight with the crowd. And there’s a buzz in the air. We like the ballclub, the way we have it, and we’re looking forward to it.”


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