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It started with Chad Dukes sort of mildly asking Dibble about something he recently said on his radio program about Stephen Strasburg.

“Well, I didn’t call in to defend what I say on my own radio show,” Dibble said. “If that’s why you had me on, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Why do I need to respond to what I said on my show? It’s my opinion. I get paid for my opinion.”

If a refusal to repeat a previously stated opinion was a rule of life, sports-talk radio would cease to exist. Most forms of media would. This was a baffling beginning. What did he think they wanted to discuss, the Padres? Soon, Dibble was again criticizing the Nats for poor player development. (Audio below.)

“You should probably be asking why [Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann] were in the Major Leagues at 21, 22 years old, when they should have been strengthening themselves in the minor leagues like all the other pitchers from my day, Jim Palmer’s day and a lot of other Hall of Famers’ days way before them,” Dibble said. “I don’t know why the formula today is different than it was 20, 30 years ago, when guys pitched 300 innings a year and ended up pitching for 20 years.”

Well. Jim Palmer pitched 92 innings for the Orioles when he was 19, and 208 innings for the Orioles when he was 20. From the ages of 23-32, he never pitched fewer than 178 innings, and often pitched far more than that. And he wound up with a 19-year career. This was quite possibly the worst example Dibble could have picked to illustrate the point that Strasburg and Zimmermann were rushed to the majors.

Then Chad Dukes asked Dibble something about his “Suck It Up” comment from 2010.

“First of all, you guys read somebody’s blog, and he takes bits and pieces,” Dibble said, presumably referring to me.

My original item on this matter had 628 words of direct Dibble quotes, for the record.

“Why do I need to justify my opinion — which I get paid to give on everything from football to the Olympics — and I came on here because you’re an affiliate of our Fox family, and you guys both attack me, so that’s great,” Dibble argued, I suppose, would be one word for it. “If you want to do that, we can do that, too, for the next five minutes.....

“And if you want to debate whether I was fired or not, I’ll show you my canceled checks from last year, because MASN never fired me,” Dibble also said. “So why don’t we clear that up first, since you’re bringing up old dirt.”

Which finally prompted Dukes to dive deep into the true spirit of the segment. Dialogue!

Dukes: Look Rob, are you attacking us, and the Lerners, and Rizzo and Strasburg because you were fired by the Nationals? Is that why you’re so hostile? Is that why you come on here and you want to swing it around?

Dibble: Really. You know, give it a rest.

Dukes: Give what a rest, dude? You give it a rest. Look how angry you are.

Dibble: Move on. Move on. Move on.

Dukes: First of all, Rob, no offense, but the most interesting thing about you is what we’re asking right now.

Dibble: Really.

Dukes: It’s our radio show, so don’t tell me to move on. If I come on your radio show, you can ask me whatever you want.

Dibble: Hey, thanks for having me on guys. [Click]

LaVar: All right, have a good day Rob, have a good day, have a good day.

Dukes: You’re a little [witch]. Holy crap what a [witch]. No wonder they sacked your [behind]. Holy crap.

Anyhow, sports.


Rob Dibble slams Strasburg, Rizzo