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Anyhow, it would appear that the full story of Dibble’s removal has not yet been told. Because the former analyst, who still hosts a show for Sirius, just came out with a doozy in a video interview with FoxSports.com.

“Listen, it’s their team, they acted in their own interests,” he told FoxSports.com columnist Mark Kriegel. “And I’m gonna tell you something that I’ve never told anybody before. It was basically Strasburg’s father [who] e-mailed the owner and basically was offended by what I said.

“Now remember, I said that on my own radio show on another network, and his father e-mailed the owner and the owner wanted me out of there. so that’s the bottom line. So that should end it. I want Stephen to go on, never have my name brought up and have a great career. I had a great career, I had fun, had a great seven years, and it’s sad for me that people still associate me with him. There should be no association with him.”

Hmmm. Well, you know what? If you don’t want people associating you with the kid, you probably shouldn’t go on a national site and tell the world that his father helped cause you to get fired. Wait, wait, wait, forget that last word.

“First of all, I never got fired,” Dibble told Kriegel. “I’m still being paid by MASN. You know, a lot of the bloggers got that wrong, but I let ‘em keep it wrong.”

Kriegel and Kevin Frazier both expressed outrage that Dibble — who’s not exactly known for his discretion — would be let go for being indiscrete, and the broadcaster made it clear that he no longer thinks his comments were inappropriate.

“The thing about Strasburg, on my baseball show on Sirius, I manage all 30 teams,” he said. “So I’d say the same thing about a guy on the Mariners — whether it was Felix Hernandez when he was young, I said the same stuff. And I’ve said the same stuff about other guys that are overhyped.

“And it had nothing to do with the game he got hurt in Philly. He had a sold-out game against the Braves, and the people I worked with at MASN were excellent, we followed his workout regimen — which was fantastic. His warm-up was fantastic. He didn’t do any of that the day that he basically walked away from that Braves start, which was sold-out. And all the money that the Nationals were making per start on Strasburg was well over seven figures. So to me, you know what kid, you’ve got to suck it up.”

To which I can only say, fire him again!

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